Residence has a blend of Paris-style
and Japanese-style in Kamakura-area.

We blend a traditional Japanese home with a Parisian residence. A team of architects trained in Paris and working in Kamakura spent over 700 hours diligently designing the building. Our project is limited to the Kamakura/Zushi/Hayama area because we cannot design many at once. With the same sincerity as designing a precious cottage, we design a residence that will be loved by both the owner and the local community.
Six reasons why “Teitakusubako” is the choice
  • デザインサムネイル

    1.Authentic design rooted in Paris

    Parisian designers value handcrafted, heartfelt manufacturing. Our belief is the same. The refined and emotional space created by wholehearted design is a distinctive feature of our work. It fits perfectly with the scenic environment of Kamakura.

  • 建物性能サムネイル

    2.Specifications that add value to the asset

    Rational flow planning, seismic specifications backed up by structural calculations for all buildings, thermal environment guaranteed by insulation and airtightness… etc. We propose the optimum balance between design and specifications. The key to sustainability is the compatibility of design and specifications, which guarantees the asset value of the building.

  • 建築実績サムネイル

    3.Experience in Kamakura, Zushi and Hayama

    The Kamakura, Zushi, and Hayama areas are difficult areas to design. We have accumulated expertise in solving architectural problems such as height differences, salt damage, humidity, and regulations without resorting to aggressive methods. This wealth of experience allows us to provide optimal solutions to the difficult architectural conditions unique to these areas.

  • 現場主義サムネイル

    4.On-site supervision in close proximity

    We value careful on-site supervision. Therefore, we have limited our design area to Kamakura, Zushi, and Hayama so that we can visit construction sites frequently. The trust we have developed with local constructor and craftsmen through our frequent site visits has resulted in a high quality site environment.

  • 費用対効果サムネイル

    5.Cost-effective with local advantages

    By utilizing a local based and elite few approach to achieve high design quality despite standard design costs, we are able to compress inefficient time and spend sufficient time on design work. We also have a thorough knowledge of the local construction industry to ensure superior construction quality. We offer the best cost effectiveness in the Kamakura/Zushi/Hayama area.


    6.Benefits both owner and community

    A building that is accepted by the local community and that lasts for a long time is a valuable asset for both the owner and society. We realize the owner’s desire to create a highly sustainable building that also contributes to the local community.

Steps to request our design

First of all, we would like to have an open conversation with you during the consultation.
The agenda can be anything you are concerned about in house building.
※Please send your request for a consultation using the “Inquiry Form” or the “Book a Consultation” button.

Steps to request our design
Steps to request our design .

From several potential sites, I want to know the best one from an architect’s perspective.…readmore ▼


Comparisons can be very difficult because no two locations are alike. As local architects, we can help you find the best property by advising you on the potential advantages of each sites.
We advise from the perspective of a local architect, which is different from a real estate agent.
→ Ask about the site you are interested in [free]


I want to know the possibility of realizing the layout we want or the number of rooms in a specific site.…readmore ▼


Few people can imagine a building just by looking at the land. This is where an architect shows his skills. If you provide us with information about the site, we will advise you with a simple study.
It may be possible to achieve more than expected with a design idea, even if it seems difficult to realize.
→ Ask about floor plans or number of rooms [free]


I want to know the solution to site issues such as ground level gaps, red zones, etc.…readmore ▼


People are concerned about the many land issues lurking in the Kamakura and Zushi-Hayama area. For these people, we offer consultation on land issues.
We can help with any local issues such as ground level gaps, red zones, site elevation differences, connecting streets, moisture control, salt damage, cultural properties, and scenic areas.
→ Ask about site issues [free].


I want to know how to renovate a Japanese folk house to make it more comfortable.…readmore ▼


How much renovation work is needed depends on the condition of preservation of the house. Therefore, we will visit the site and discuss the priorities to be renovated. We specialize in renovating Japanese folk houses to maximize the potential of the property.
→ Ask about renovations [free].


I want to know about a reasonable budget and timeline.…readmore ▼


This is a difficult question to answer in general as it depends on site conditions, size, structure and other factors. Typically, we will respond after receiving a brief outline of your plans. If you prefer, you can contact us with a rough outline of your plans.
In the case of our clients, the average budget is between 0.5~0.6 million yen per square meter (excluding tax), with a delivery time of about 15 months. Although we cannot compete with mass-producers in the low-cost segment, we can offer excellent cost-effectiveness especially in the Kamakura/Zushi/Hayama area and in the mid- to high-end segment, because we can take advantage of our local location and have more design options available to us.
→ Ask about reasonable budgets and timelines [free].

Concept book

You will find an overview of specific building examples in the Kamakura/Zushi/Hayama area. The information is organized by building size, construction period, and budget, so we hope you will find it useful as a reference for your planning.